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SeeD of the Scarlet Crusade

Who let the gnomes out?

SeeD of Warcraft
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Community for members of the SeeD World of Warcraft guild on the Scarlet Crusade realm.

Who: SeeD and/or Yevon members only please
What: SeeD and Yevon are World of Warcraft guilds
What? They are also references to Final Fantasies VIII and X, respectively
Server: Scarlet Crusade
Faction: SeeD: Alliance / Yevon: Horde
Guild Leader: Averykeshea/Ophiannis
Second in Command: Parnopaeus/Baralai
More information: SeeD site / Yevon site

Rules for the Community

1. You must be a member of the guild to join the community.
2. Harassment will NOT be tolerated - in game, on the site, or here in the community.
3. Violators of Rule 2 will be removed from the guild, the site, and the community.
4. The GL is a GIRL! Seriously! I've seen it!
5. We like ice cream.

GL Contact Information:

LJ: exit_eternity
Email: syncretic.routine [at] gmail [dot] com
AIM: i dont curtsey
In Game: Averykeshea (Alliance), Elliaesin (Horde)